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  • For the medical community...

in-home care is the answer to hospital overcrowding and insurance reform, offering a cost effective approach that maximizes insurance dollars and extends the patient's insurance benefits without compromising the quality of care.

We maintain an ongoing one-on-one contact with your patients and they feel confident knowing they can call in anytime.  This close contact helps us recognize problems early and alert physicians to any changes in a patient's status, which in turn, helps you effectively manage your caseload.

  • For the patient...

    it is a  preferred alternative to a hospital setting, providing comfort and security in familiar surroundings, which often prompts recovery.
Photo of Home I.V. Care Client"When you've been in the hospital as much as I have, it's really a relief to be at home...
much more comfortable.  
I've had a great experience with Home I.V. Care."

William May, Jr., Sterling Heights, Michigan

  • A Commitment to Quality

Home I.V. Care promises a very personal approach to home infusion therapy and home care. Many home care companies ship the same supplies month after month without checking to see if there's a need for more of one product and less of another, and if the patient and his or her caregiver are satisfied.  At Home I.V. Care, while we frequently fill standing orders, we always check with the patient in advance to ensure that he or she is receiving exactly what is necessary and nothing more.

Each shipment is delivered on schedule by drivers who take the extra time to bring the order inside the home and open the heavy-duty cartons so that patients can access the contents easily.

"I like everything about Home I.V. Care.  When I call, someone is always available to talk to me.  I've never had to speak to a voice machine.  My driver brings my medicine twice a week.  He's always friendly and always on time."

Annie Spears, Detroit, Michigan

  • A Reputation That Speaks For Itself

Leading physician specialists, discharge planners - even private home nursing services - call on Home I.V. Care for clinical support in delivering consistent, quality patient care on the home setting.

Our clinical services are administered by licensed nursing professionals, certified in infusion and wound care therapies.

Each member of our staff is a specialist who plays a key role in meeting the patient's needs.  Day or night, we stand ready to educate patients about their care, answer their questions, fill their orders or help in any way we can.

Home I.V. Care  is JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) accredited. In becoming accredited, Home I.V. Care was evaluated against as set of national standards by a Joint Commission team of surveyors experienced in the delivery of home care services.  Achieving accreditation demonstrates our commitment to provide high quality care to our patients. Accreditation shows that we make a significant investment in quality on a day-to-day basis.  We seek accreditation for our organization because we want to be the best and we view obtaining JCAHO accreditation as another step toward excellence.

"Home I.V. Care is one of the most caring groups of professionals I have ever met." 
Dorothy Alberte, Royal Oak, Michigan